Monday, December 9, 2013

RunGirl 13.1 -- Swag Report

I love race stuff.  I loved race stuff when it was all cotton t-shirts back in the day, too, so I'm pretty easy to please.  I even still have my shirt from my first triathlon, the Pigman Sprint Triathlon in Palo, Iowa. Oh, 1999, you were a good racing year.  I wore that shirt to bed the night before this race because I was so nervous before that one, too.  But back to the present, and the fun swag from the RunGirl 13.1 race.

It's cute, it's pink, it says that I can go 13.1 miles.  The singlet is comfortable and I can see it getting a ton of use through the summer as I replace my generic running clothes with race souvenirs.

The house socks are cozy and I was so impressed that they actually fit me -- I have size 10.5 feet!  Really tiny ladies might find them too roomy.

The custom pendant is really cute, the chain is sort of cheap.  I don't mind, since I'd rather have them put the bulk of the cost into the custom part.  I'm thinking about putting it on some waxed cord.

My husband is a huge car sticker collector.  He also drives a tiny car, which makes his collection look even crazier.  This is the first sticker I decided to put on, mostly because I'm proud of finishing my first half and the pinkness implies that it's my sticker and not my husband's.

Race Number
I love custom race numbers -- this one wasn't customizable by me (I choose MOM OF FOUR when I get the chance) but it does say my name, which I think is fun.

Everything Else
There was a tiny s'mores Luna bar I shared with my daughter and this sample of something called Shave Secret that must come in a lot of race packets because we have a half dozen of them sitting around.  People who enter races value hair removal?  I have no idea.  One of these days I will have to get around to trying it.

Pink, glittery, removable charm.  Although this race also had a pendant, I like the idea of being able to wear part of your medal all over the place.  Back when I used to be an age-grouper with a chance of placing I'd wear my medal for the entire car ride home.  Now, I will never win my age group again unless I'm the only one in it, but I really like the charm that lets you keep wearing it as a reminder of your accomplishment.

Bonus Swag
Since this was my first half marathon and I find race gear incredibly motivating I also bought some things from previous races they had for sale.  Hat, gloves and Polar water bottle.  I will be wearing all of these things decades from now just like my Pigman shirt.

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