Monday, November 11, 2013


I'm in the middle of doing something that I've never managed to do before.  I have five scheduled workouts a week, carefully inserted into the family calendar so that I still get all of my mom work done.  I've now made it through twenty-five of them without missing anything.  I'm nowhere near the people who have run every day for decades (really, there's a website and everything -- United States Running Streak Association, Inc.), but I'm so excited to be on a roll.  Christian is impressed, because even when I was young and fit I never had this kind of dedication.

When you've done this many walks in a row, you really think twice about skipping.  This past week I ended up having to go to the gym at night after taking the kids to soccer practice, throwing dinner together, and leaving Christian with a hasty reminder on which timer was for the pasta and which was for the broccoli.  I also had to do my medium and long walks at the gym this past weekend, squeezing as many miles as I could into the two-hour nursery time limit on my long day because I sent Christian off to Team RWB Trail Running Camp for four days.  To fit these workouts into the weekend nursery hours at the gym while still meeting the many, many soccer obligations required taking four kids to a Mass without nursery care all by myself.  These situations would have previously made me skip a walk, thinking it didn't matter.  Now I'm so motivated and I see how much better I feel when I give myself the time to exercise.

I know that eventually I'm going to get hurt or sick or have some parenting obligation that will truly prevent me from getting my miles in.  Until then I'm going to keep watching my streak grow and know that I will not let one missed workout stop me from getting right back to it.

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